Hi, I'm Lauren

I'm a photographer from Detroit who's found herself transplanted in the desert of California.

In my free time, you can find me hiking through the Michigan or California wilderness, sailing in the Great Lakes, playing with my bunnies, or eating an obscene amount of chocolate-peanut butter desserts.

My passion for adventure, appreciation of love (thanks long distance...), and a whole lot of perfectionism has driven me towards wedding and couple photography — and I couldn't be more blessed.

Whether you need someone to keep you organized, a little bit of sarcastic comedic relief, or a friend to chat about your big day with... I'm your gal.

My Tiny Family

Samuel - My Husband

Sam and I met in high school marching band. We spent high school racing on the varsity ski team and going on hikes together. After four years of long distance, Sam graduated from the United States Naval Academy and now serves in the United States Marine Corps. We got civilly married in the winter of 2022 and our big wedding celebration is planned for June of 2024!


Spinnaker is a 5 year old Netherland Dwarf bunny. After Sam left for the Naval Academy in 2018, Spinny filled the lonely hole in my hearthe's been with me through it all. The term "Spinnaker" comes from sailing: it is the term for a light, fluffy downwind sail. Spinnaker will sit by my feet and sunbathe in rays of sunlight like a tiny, three pound cat. He really is quite the character!


Genoa, the Holland Lop, is as fluffy as they come. We welcomed Genny into our family in 2022 when I wasn't able to spend as much time at home with Spinnaker. "Genoa" isn't just a type of sausage, it's also a sailing term! A genoa is an upwind sail. In our house, we call Genny the tube gremlin because she spends her days holed up in play tubes and huts, glaring at anyone who gives Spinny attention.