Tools of Expression

This series of double exposures is intended to highlight hands as a tool for expression, creativity, and innovation. Each subject is modeled by a different individual with a connection to the subject matter. Areas of life, science, and art are explored by taking the two-dimensional product of the activity and combining it with a blank photographic representation of the work itself. As a left-handed individual in a right-handed world, I made sure to include 9 right hands, and 1 left hand to represent the 10% of the left-handed population.

A Nemophilist Perspective

This series is inspired by the work of Aaron Siskind. I took a natural approach to his often urban flat space work, turning natural items like rocks and plants into expansive landscapes or abstract images independent of the original subject. As an avid camper and nature enthusiast, I've spent hours upon hours photographing aspects of nature not typically observed by the human eye. Turning my passion for macro images of nature into flat space works brought a new dimension and meaning to the work; it created a new world to explore. It allows every viewer to interpret the natural world in a way deemed appropriate by their own imagination.

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